White Orchids in Taupe Pot

White Orchids in Taupe Pot

What colour is taupe?  That is what my husband asks every time he hears me talking about my large orchid displays.  Well this artificial orchid plantWhite Orchids in Taupe Pot is in a Taupe pot and I tell my husband, taupe is an off white but not cream.

Of course my explanation of taupe confuses him more, perhaps that is a good thing, but maybe he should not worry about it. In reality my husband should not be looking at the taupe pot but rather the large orchid arrangement in the pot.  If he did this he would notice that this is no ordinary artificial orchid plant.

Indeed this is no ordinary artificial orchid plant and once he looks at he will notice that Taupe works very well with it. The high quality taupe pot is an important part of the lifelike artificial orchid plant.  The pot elevates the beauty of the tree stems of premium white orchids.  The taupe pot holds back just enough to let the elegance of the lifelike flowers to shine.

The real beauty with my large orchid arrangements has very little to do with the size.  The real beauty comes in the quality of the arrangement. By removing quality this would become just a  normal artificial orchid plant, and I don’t d normal.  Everything about this arrangement has to be quality, even the taupe pot.

The quality starts with the materials chosen to make it from like all my large orchid arrangements. Whether the display is small or large only the very best materials are used, and yes that includes the taupe pot. Every material used in this arrangement is top quality, the best silk, the best wire and best flower making materials full stop.

However, all these quality materials mean nothing for this artificial orchid plant are useless without the right people to weave them together. Large orchid arrangements take a little more effort than others, the larger the arrangement it the more challenging lifelike is to achieve.  Thankfully, I have an amazing team that has many years of experience and they produce lifelike perfection every day.

Once the quality materials and the quality people ate brought together this artificial orchid plant comes to life. Eventually the arrangement looks so real and like all large orchid arrangements the colour of the pot becomes meaningless. This is really to the answer to “what colour is taupe?”

White Orchids in Taupe Pot
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