When Silk Matters

White Orchids in Large Black Planter

It’s funny how sometimes the real thing is the only thing that will do. Some people are so brand conscious that they would not be seen dead wearing anything but the latest in fashion, they would most certainly not buy a no name baked beans when Heinz and only Heinz will do.

Flowers though are a different thing. There is no real branding for flowers ,  roses are roses, tulips are tulips and a daisy of any kind is still a daisy. With flowers tone cannot get snobbish about the fact the rose is real, because roses like nearly all roses are pretty much the same.

Occasionally a rare bloom is found and it is given but as with all real flowers it soon withers, dies and becoWhite Orchids in Large Black Plantermes no more than just as memory.

There is a way to make a statement, give flowers as if they are a brand. It has little or nothing to do with the variety of flower but much more to do with the type of flower.

The type of flower is a silk flower and a silk flower is becoming trendy and very much the “in” way to give flowers. “Why is this?” you may well ask. There are a number of  reasons why that include an environmental reason where the carbon footprint of a real flower measured against that of a silk flower is far larger, there is a cost factor because real flowers are becoming more expensive, there is the being different factor where silk or artificial flowers are just different and then there is the sustained message because silk flowers last a great deal longer than real, fresh, cut flowers.
For the modern man who wants to make an impression on his girlfriend silk flowers is the new romance of giving.

The variety and quality of artificial flowers is such that he can go crazy creating something uniquely special and almost quirky with the same sentiment that real flowers offer. The man can really find his girls favourite colour in a flower of her choice just by asking and the arrangement can be a single very life like plant or a bouquet or bunch of flowers.

The man will know that the flowers last a lot longer and this will all part of the reason for giving and of course could be part of the message he sends.
Silk flowers make a whole new statement and sending quality silk flowers matters, high quality silk flowers are like the Levis Jeans or the Single Malt Whisky when it comes to making a statement with flowers.

Go on, be the new romantic and check out the wide variety of artificial and silk flowers today and order some for your loved one and just dare to be different!

When Silk Matters
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