Pretty Artificial Flowers And Orchids Say So Much

Orchid & Succulent in Teak Bowl

As a girl and all the way through her very late age my late Grandmother always loved flowers. She wasn’t one for cellophane wrapped, fancy bouquets with creative and witty cards but she loved simple, colourful and cottagey flowers.Orchid & Succulent in Teak Bowl


A bunch of flowers picked from the side of a road on a walk through the Sussex countryside meant more to her than a dozen red roses or some exotic bloom that could perhaps be found on the upper west slopes of the Andes. It was the simple gift of giving alone and the fact it came from the heart that mattered.


Simple flowers in a simple yet creative arrangement make a massive statement and artificial flowers and orchids today make a statement so impressive that it cannot be truly described.  The simplicity my grandmother adored can be found in an arrangement of silk flowers, if she was alive today she would adore an arrangement.  Nothing fancy, just flowers arranged in a basket, a watering can or even a coffee cup carry meaning and sentiment and today a silk flower arrangement offers just that, and more.


Silk flowers and Orchids last a lifetime and when given as a gift that lifetime of sentiment remains with the flowers forever.  The reason for giving can be anything, a birthday, an engagement or simply just because. It was the just because that mattered most to my grandmother, no reason for giving but the giving came from the deepest, warmest and most loving part of the heart meant everything.


What can be done with silk flowers and orchids today is amazing and the flowers look more authentic than real flowers. Double takes often happen when someone passes an artificial flower arrangement and a special smile happens when that person realises they have been fooled into believing the flowers are real. That smile appears and yet there is an automatic appeal that comes, the moment of happiness from being fooled that is met with the joy the flowers and their colour naturally brings.  An artificial flower arrangement has a meaning and sentiment all of its own.


Giving a gift of artificial flowers is not the same as it was some years ago. Once upon a time the polyester ‘fake” flowers truly looked terrible and the flowers looked nothing like their real counterpart. Today artificial and silk flowers have so much detail that it is a challenge to tell them apart.  In the past giving artificial flowers as a gift was cheap and tacky, today it is considered a gift of value and meaning and the meaning will last forever.


Looking at what can be done with silk orchids I know my grandmother would be over the moon if she was given a simple arrangement as a gift. I can still see her now, giving a peck on the cheek and then handing me a barley sugar from her secret jar in the cupboard to reward me for being a good boy.  Simple flowers as a gift send a simple, meaningful and real message to the one who receives the gift and it is a message from the heart.  Consider a simple, yet special silk flower arrangement for a loved one today.





Pretty Artificial Flowers And Orchids Say So Much
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