imitation orchid plants

Imitation Orchid Plants

I absolutely adore orchids. Ever since I was a girl and my aunt had two orchid plants in her home I have loved them. There was something elegant and something peaceful I could never quite put my finger on. Today I still love orchids and my imitation orchid plants stem from my childhood memories. To me these are not fake orchid plants but living memories of a time gone by.

I have no idea what ever happened to my old aunt and her orchids. She passed away when I was young and once she passed I never saw the orchids again. Perhaps the orchids are still alive somewhere but they remain clear in my memory. The memory is so clear that this display of imitation orchids is as close as I can get to one that belonged to my aunt. It is funny how my memories always help me make the so called fake orchid plants I make. I suppose I am creating extensions to my childhood in doing what I do.

Because the memories are so precious I do not cut corners with my imitation orchids. It would be far too easy to make plants that look like fake orchid plants. That would not be respectful to my memory nor to my old aunt and for that reason each arrangement, especially this one is made to exacting standards.

My aunt always believed in using the best to make the best. In her cooking she refused to use margarine only butter because it was the best. That philosophy, my mother is the same, is used in my imitation orchids and is why my flowers are not fake orchid plants.  Only the very best materials are used to make my orchids and it shows in the end product.

If something is not the best or not as it is supposed to be then it will not be used. This flows through into the people that make the orchids. To make the best imitation orchids from the best materials the best flower makers are required. Anything but the best will lead to flowers that really do look like fake orchid plants being made and that is just not on.

This childhood memory has come alive thanks to a purposeful ambition to produce the utmost in quality. I know it will show when you own  one of my imitation orchids and know it may also bring back some of you childhood memories.

imitation orchid plants
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