Hot Pink Fake Orchids in Gold Vase

Hot Pink Orchids in Gold Vase

In my distinctive interiors collection you will find some of the finest faux orchid plants imaginable. Some may call these fake orchids however, I think this is a little unfair. The quality and extra ordinary levels of creativity, especially these hot pink orchids are astounding.

I love orchids of all kinds and this arrangement of “fake orchids” is one of my favourites. Made from Hot Pink, Fresh Touch phalaenopsis orchids this is one of the most stunning of all faux orchid plantsHot Pink Orchids in Gold Vase. There is something passionate about this arrangement, something so hot in so many ways.  I try to explain it to my husband and once I get to the detail he understands.

It is the detail that makes this arrangement of fake orchids look so real yet at the same time so impossible.  I love the lifelike look of the faux orchid plants elevated to a level of regality in the gold pot.

The detail is what makes each and every one of my faux orchid plants so special and so appealing. With the level of detail and the time and the effort put into making these flowers there is no way they can be called fake orchids.

The quality all starts in choosing the materials, nothing less than the best goes into these Hot Pink Orchids to ensure these faux orchids look lifelike. Every purple and pink petal is made from finest silk to make fake orchids that are anything but fake. It is the very fact that I know the very best has been used that makes me appreciate these faux orchid plants. I know they are not real but know how much care has been put into them.

It is not just the petals of my fake orchids that are made from the best materials. Every component of the arrangement is made from the best. This includes the gold planter that in my opinion lifts up any of my faux orchid plants.

I also appreciate the time and effort put into making this and every orchid my company produces. Time, effort, passion and love go into this orchid creation and this too means it is anything but a fake orchid.  All this combined, effort and materials, creates a masterpiece that becomes something of value. This investment piece will also last a lifetime adding further to the investment you make.

Hot Pink Orchids in Gold Vase
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