And the flower of the year for 2016 is….

Cosmos Flower

Every year for the past few years a flower for the year ahead has been selected to be flower of the year.  2015 was the year of the sunflower, 2014 was the hydrangea and 2013 was the Nasturtium.  Ok it is often a bit of fun and Thompson and Morgan, one of the UK’s largest Mail Order Seed and Plant companies use the flower of the year as a superb marketing tool.

For 2016 Thompson and Morgan have named Cosmos the flower of the year.  Cosmos is a very pretty and somewhat delicate flower often used in flower arrangements to bring colour or even just to fill an arrangement out. The simple, almost daisy-like flower can be just like the Xanthos with its delicate, pale creamy white and yellow or can be like the sweet sixteen varieties that are full of colour and alive with passion.

Cosmos is a flower that breathes summer sunshine and brings a smile to anyone’s face. Simple yet elegant, not loud and yet not quiet, the flower is a flower lover’s delight.  The flowers don’t bloom for long and the Xanthos often only blooms in September making it a flower that is firstly not really suited to an English summer and secondly not available for arrangements all year round.  This second aspect about the flower is where silk and artificial flowers, especially cosmos, change all the rules of flower arranging.

A silk flower or artificial flower does not have a season; a silk flower is man made and thus has a 12 month, 365 day season that never ends. An arrangement of fresh cosmos is close to being impossible if you want locally grown flowers and then when imported flowers are used the price for this simple flower increased considerably and that fails to consider the carbon footprint created in the process of growing and shipping. With a silk flower the cost is lower and the carbon footprint smaller and with modern artificial flowers it is very difficult to tell the real apart from the not so real.

So, cosmos is the flower of the year for 2016. Cosmos adds colour to any arrangement of artificial flowers and because it is artificial the summer brightness and vibrancy of the flower can be yours at any time of the year.  Cosmos when cut, like all cut flowers, eventually dies and the leaves and petals soon go brown, but with cosmos in an arrangement of artificial  this problem does not exist.  The flowers last all year round and are as good as maintenance free.  With artificial flowers you can have the 2016 flower of the year blooming all year round bringing a smile to your face and making others happy too.

And the flower of the year for 2016 is….
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