Fake Flowers And Real Coffee The Perfect Balance

The real thing. It is something we all want.

The best. It is something we all strive for.

A superb copy. Something we are rarely happy with… unless we know the secret!
We all have things in life where only the real thing will do but in some cases there is an alternative that whilst not the same as the real thing it is actually better, in its own unique way.

One real thing that many people have to have is coffee. Real coffee, ground from the finest beans that have been roasted to perfection. Only real coffee has the aroma everyone knows and only real coffee has that eye-opening caffeine kick needed to start the day. Instant coffee, either 100% coffee or blended with chicory just isn’t the same.

With coffee for some it has to be the real deal or nothing at all, in fact anything else is pretty much an insult.

There are coffee lovers and then there are the connoisseurs, those who can tell you the entire story of the coffee bean and even the breed of animal is passed through to get to you cup. For these guys, and I think many will agree, there is nothing better than real coffee because instant is not even close.

Flowers on the other hand when given as a gift are just a little bit different. Yes there those who think that a flower looks at its best when growing in the garden or in the hedgerow, but for those who love the beauty of cut flowers they can be easily swayed by something other than the real thing. You see, unlike the real coffee versus the instant, there is a real reason to like artificial flowers.

Modern artificial flowers are amazing and they look as good as if not better than the real thing and very people can tell at first glance.

Unlike instant coffee where you can tell straight away it is not real, artificial flowers send a signal that says ‘I like this” or “I know they are not real but they are better than real” and that is why flower lovers love artificial flowers so much.

Unlike real flowers, Silk and Artificial flowers won’t wilt and lose their charm in a short few weeks, leaves won’t drop and go brown and water does not need replacing in an effort to extend the life of the flower.

Silk flowers, that are exquisitely made and then placed in a stunning arrangement send a message all of their own and one that people love. The flowers last for many years and such is the attention to detail in the flowers that the perfection of the flowers lasts and remains.

With artificial flowers you can sit back with your cup of real coffee and admire the flowers realising that you are sat in a moment of perfect balance with the real thing in your hand and the very best copy staring back at you, the artificial flowers will remind you that some things can be copied and others cannot.

Take the time to enjoy your real coffee and enjoy a lifetime of happiness with an arrangement of artificial flowers on your desk, shelf or mantelpiece.



Fake Flowers And Real Coffee The Perfect Balance
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