Artificial Tropical Orchids With Venus Fly Trap

Tropical Arrangement with venus fly trap

My kids have always loved Venus fly traps, to be honest so have I. They are strange flowers, if they are truly flowers, when combined in an arrangement with artificial tropical orchids they look amazing. Just like the fake orchid plantTropical Arrangement with venus fly trap in this arrangement so the Venus fly trap is too. But, and everyone tells me, you would never know

The Venus fly trap with the fake orchid plant in this display looks amazingly lifelike. Any fly that comes close may well have second thoughts about sitting in the flower. However, it is the inclusion of the artificial tropical orchids that I believe really makes this arrangement so special. Sure, I have had the curiosity about Venus fly traps as my own kids, but inside I truly adore orchids.  I love orchids and tropical flowers especially… just so you know.

This entire arrangement looks so lifelike; the fake orchid plant looks as if it is breathing. The other plants and flowers with the artificial tropical orchids also look alive. I am asked daily how on earth I make my flowers because they look more alive than real flowers.

There is no secret to how I make a fake orchid plant look real. The secret, if there was one, is hidden in plain sight and the artificial tropical orchids should be a clue.  The truth to all of my arrangements is I will never settle for mediocre, nor will I settle for just the best. The best is my starting point and every display my team and I produce endeavours to exceed the best. That is how we turn a normal fake orchid plant into and arrangement of artificial tropical orchids into a masterpiece.

It all starts by only using the finest materials possible. There are countless suppliers of flower making materials, some ok, some not and a few are better than the best. We only choose those that are better than the best. The finest silks make the best artificial tropical orchids, and the best wire makes fake orchid plants that look real. It is a matter of choice and we choose the best of the best or better.

From here our master flower makers get to work.  These experts know the difference between a fake orchid plant and a real as life arrangement of artificial tropical orchids. Again, these flower makers are the best of the best and they make this the display everyone wants.

Artificial Tropical Orchids With Venus Fly Trap
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