Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers


Are your flowers real? All of the flowers we sell here at Artificial Orchids are artificial, however, they are made to appear life-life. In fact, a lot of our customers struggle to tell the difference. We use the finest materials and operate to the highest levels of craftsmanship to ensure stunning flowers that are made to last a lifetime.

Why Artificial? We only use orchids that are botanically correct to size, colour,  variety as nature intended. Also No pollen…. No allergies…No watering…. No unsightly dead flowers.


How long will it take to receive my order? This depends on where your order is being shipped. If you are based in the UK, we aim to dispatch all orders within two days.


How are your products shipped? We use premium courier companies to deliver our products. It may be necessary to use a freight carrier if you have ordered one of our larger products from the official Artificial Orchids website. Yet in these instances, it is likely that the carrier will call you a day in advance to arrange the delivery properly.


Can I send your products as a gift? Sure! Artificial flowers make excellent gifts because you get the beauty of a flower, yet it lasts for a lifetime, whereas fresh flowers lose their beauty within a week. When you are choosing a product from the Artificial Orchids brand website and want to send it as a gift, you will be able to include a personalised message on one of our small gift cards.


How are your flowers packaged? We want you to enjoy your beautiful flowers from the moment they arrive at your door, which is why we expertly package them to ensure that all flowers are protected and arrive in perfect condition. If you have received an item and it is damaged, please get in touch with us to arrange an exchange.


How do I look after my flowers? This is the great thing about artificial flowers – they do not require much upkeep. All you need to do is dust the flowers when you go about your normal cleaning routine.


Will my flowers come with a container? When ordering flowers from Artificial Orchids, you will be able to see whether they come with a vase or any other type of container. If the flowers are sold on their own, they will be potted in a non-decorative liner. This is designed for placement inside your own container.