The Meaning Of The Orchid Flower

Artificial Orchids Ltd Artificial Orchid Plant – The Meaning Of The Orchid Flower

The orchid flower has artificial orchidlong been one of the most popular plants in different parts of the world. However, while we can all appreciate the beauty of an artificial orchid plant, not everyone is aware of the meaning of this flower. With that being said, read on to discover everything you need to know.

Orchids have had different meanings over the years. For example, in Ancient Greece, artificial orchids were a symbolisation of virility and fertility. It was even believed that you could determine the sex of an unborn child by eating the fresh version of the flower. If the mother ate a small orchid, she would have a girl. If the father ate a large orchid, then his partner would have a boy. In Victorian England, orchids were deemed to be exotic and thus a representation of luxury. But, what about today?

The artificial orchid is as popular as it ever has been. They represent delicate beauty. However, the symbolisation is largely dependent on the colour of the orchid. For instance, purple orchids are a representation of authority and thus a good way of expressing power. Pink orchids are a symbolisation of healing, and, therefore, they make excellent get-well presents. They also symbolise love and happiness, and they are the flower for both the 14th and 28th wedding anniversary. White orchids mean clarity and purity while yellow  are great if you are sending a gift to a friend, as they represent new beginnings and friendships. The orchid flower is also the birth flower for those born under the Aquarius sign, and the floral emblem of many countries, such as Honduras, Costa Rica, Singapore, and Indonesia.

As you can see, there is a lot more to the artificial orchid plant than meets the eye. Not only is this flower undeniably beautiful, but it has a lot of meaning and symbolisation associated with it as well.


The Meaning Of The Orchid Flower
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